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  • & Stephan Eicher (2023) Kunscht isch geng es Risiko, eine Hommage an die Musik von Mani Matter
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  • The Red Album (2019)
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  • The Black Album Volume I (2018)
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  • Jazzmaster (2014)
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  • Do Da Ellington (2013)
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  • Me, Myself And I (2012)
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  • Do Da Monk (2003)
    Africa, 2018


    • 23.08.2024
    • Roman Nowka`s Hot 3 feat. Stephan Eicher, Rotsee-Badi, Ebikon, Switzerland (ausverkauft)


    Roman Nowka, born in switzerland, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and producer. He spent his early years in Los Angeles, California, as the son of a classical guitar player and a sandwich vendor on Venice Beach, California. After moving back to Switzerland, he won a scholarship, moved to Paris and became a big fan of Thelonious Monk. Over the past twenty years he has been composing music for films, theaters, commercials, work with different artist from around the world and play concerts in London, Paris, Rome, Mailand, Cape Town, New York, World Expo Shanghai, Jazz Festival Montreux, Berlin, Teheran, Haiti, Islamabad Pakistan, Buenos Aires, Philadelphia, Prague, La Paz Bolivia, Teatro Libre Bogotà and many more.

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